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Introducing the ultimate 1-pound combat robot spinner hub—an engineering marvel designed for maximum destruction in the arena! Crafted with precision and cutting-edge technology, this compact powerhouse is the epitome of controlled chaos.


At its core is a robust and lightweight aluminum alloy hub that serves as the beating heart of your destructive machine. Precision-machined to perfection, the hub houses a potent electric motor (sold seperately), capable of delivering relentless spinning power. The carefully balanced design ensures stability, allowing your robot to unleash a whirlwind of destruction upon its opponents.


The spinner hub features strategically placed and reinforced mounting points for razor-sharp, grade 5 titanium blades, creating a lethal perimeter of destruction. These blades, meticulously designed for optimal cutting efficiency, guarantee that your robot dominates the battlefield with sheer ferocity.


With a quick and tool-less assembly, this spinner hub is engineered for convenience and efficiency, allowing you to spend more time strategizing and less time on maintenance. The modular design also facilitates easy customization, so you can adapt your robot to various opponents and combat scenarios.


Safety is paramount, and this spinner hub incorporates fail-safes to protect both the robot and its operators. The hub is designed to withstand the rigors of intense combat, with durability even in the face of formidable opponents, by coveriting the motor with it's core.


Spinner Hub


Weight: 23.4g

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