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This Antweight Horizontal Spinner Motor is not only high-powered but also comes complete with compatibility for our aluminum spinner hub, ensuring your robot is ready for battle.


Key Features:


Spin Power: Unleash the power of a ferocious horizontal spinner with our specially designed Antweight Horizontal Spinner Motor. Experience unparalleled destructive force as you send opponents flying with a menacing spin that commands attention in the arena.


Compatibility with Aluminum Spinner Hub: Elevate your robot's spinning capabilities with ease – our Antweight Horizontal Spinner Motor is fully compatible with our aluminum spinner hub. This hub is crafted for precision and durability, ensuring a seamless integration that maximizes the destructive potential of your robot.


Precision Engineering: Meticulously engineered for optimal performance, this motor is a testament to precision. Each component is crafted with high standards, delivering reliable and consistent power to drive your horizontal spinner with precision and control.


Compact Powerhouse: Despite its compact size, this motor packs a powerful punch. Designed with efficiency in mind, it provides the necessary torque and RPM to make your horizontal spinner a formidable force in the arena, while its compact form ensures easy integration into your robot.


Easy Installation: Streamline your robot-building process with our Antweight Horizontal Spinner Motor. Designed for user-friendly installation, this motor allows both novice and experienced builders to effortlessly incorporate it into their robotic creations, saving time and effort.


Versatile Application: While perfect for Antweight combat robots, the versatility of this motor extends beyond the arena. Its design makes it suitable for a range of small-scale robotic projects, providing unmatched power and precision wherever it's needed.


Antweight Horizontal Spinner Motor

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